Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blog Giveaways

Wanted to share some blog giveaways with you all!
First This gal I met years ago on eBay throught Age*Before*Beauty or AB4B. She has an amazing giveaway on her blog..... Head over to to get a chance to win these awesome witches' potion bottles for your holiday home.
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ANOTHER fun GIVEAWAY is at The Painted Daisy Blog just come by and follow the blog and you will get a chance to win her prize. Tell folks about her blog and you get another chance for everyone you tell. Just make sure you come back and comment on the blog how many folks you told. List her giveaway on your blog and you get more chances...Again come and post your blog's link...get  you some followers too
What will you win? 5 oz Chocolate Margaritas Soap! Made with real Tequila!

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Last but certainly not least come by Show Me The Crafts Blog at and become a follower and you will get a chance to win one of my Shweet Annie Tree 10" Dolls or Large Ornies.
Again you blog about us and get another chance make sure to commet in the blog giving your link so we can come check out your blog!
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Just Look at all the free fun things you can get a chance at winning. Most of these have a deadline of Sept 30 so you better get busy following and blogging!

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ModernMom said...

I'm late in commenting...but that soap is amazing!