Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Issue of Rusty Tin Roof for Spring

Come by the Rusty Tin Roof Ezine and check out the newest articles, free epatterns, crafts and more. There is an awesome article about our very own Liz's Craft From My Heart in the ezine this month.

To read the ezine just click on the picture that looks like the magazine cover. You can view or download which ever you want. There is also a Shweet Peeps epattern from Shweet Potato Dolls n Patterns for free in the ezine this Spring issue as well.

If you have a blog or website you need to check out the advertising rates too.Very low cost way to advertise your blog or website to thousands of folks who download and read the ezine.
You can find the advertising info for the Rusty Roof page HERE and you can find the info on advertising in the ezine

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blog Giveaways

Wanted to share some blog giveaways with you all!
First This gal I met years ago on eBay throught Age*Before*Beauty or AB4B. She has an amazing giveaway on her blog..... Head over to to get a chance to win these awesome witches' potion bottles for your holiday home.
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ANOTHER fun GIVEAWAY is at The Painted Daisy Blog just come by and follow the blog and you will get a chance to win her prize. Tell folks about her blog and you get another chance for everyone you tell. Just make sure you come back and comment on the blog how many folks you told. List her giveaway on your blog and you get more chances...Again come and post your blog's link...get  you some followers too
What will you win? 5 oz Chocolate Margaritas Soap! Made with real Tequila!

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Last but certainly not least come by Show Me The Crafts Blog at and become a follower and you will get a chance to win one of my Shweet Annie Tree 10" Dolls or Large Ornies.
Again you blog about us and get another chance make sure to commet in the blog giving your link so we can come check out your blog!
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Just Look at all the free fun things you can get a chance at winning. Most of these have a deadline of Sept 30 so you better get busy following and blogging!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Country Craft Show Online ... Almost Show Time Do You Have Your Booth?

SHOP TIL YOU DROP at The Never-Ending Craft Show, Country Craft Show Online ~ OPEN 24/7/365! Enjoy the Ambience & Charm of our Country Craft Show Online right from your Own Home! Craft Treasures, Candles, Collectibles, Gifts, Home Decor and More, Prizes, Contests, Games and FREE Gifts Galore!!

WOW! What a concept an online craft show that runs 24/7 every day of the year and never closes.
Come by Country Craft Show  Online and See what all the excitement is about.

Let's see the show is open year round every single day and all day and night long. You can get your own easy to build booth HERE
Every show DJ gives away a WHOLE MESS of GOOD PRIZES JUST TO THE VENDORS... Drawings will be held and You might be the lucky winner of one of the prizes listed below. 
Rusty Tin Roof CRAFTY CAMEO AD - Value $25
Rusty Tin Roof CRAFTY WEB DIR AD - Value $10.00
Crafter Marketplace 1 Yr. HOMEPAGE AD – Value $100.00
Crafter Marketplace 1 Yr. MEMBERSHIP- Value $25.00

Annie Doodle Craft Mall 1 Yr. HOMEPAGE AD – Value $120.00
Annie Doodle Craft Mall 1 Yr. MEMBERSHIP- Value $25.00
Cockadoodle Country Co Op 1 Yr. CAT. PAGE AD- Value $50.00
Cockadoodle Country Co Op 1 Yr. MEMBERSHIP- Value $12.00
Olde Barn Primitives 1 Yr. SPOTLIGHT AD- Value $25.00
Country Crafts Directory 1 Yr. MEMBERSHIP- Value $20.00
Country Peddlers Marketplace 1 Yr. MEMBERSHIP- Value $25.00
Olde Thyme Marketplace 1 Yr. MEMBERSHIP- Value $25.00
Country Craft Show Online 1 Yr. HOMEPAGE AD- Value $100.00
Country Craft Show Online 1 Yr. CAT. PAGE AD- Value $60.00

Wanted to let ya know that when there is a scheduled BIG Show there are always Door Prizes that are given out the the general public. So in addition to the chance to win a vendor's prize come by and play the games and trivia and you might be the lucky winner of a Show Prize. I heard from the grapevine that there will be some awesome prizes this show. New show starts Sept 30 so hurry and get your booth now! Mark your calenders for Sept 30 and come by and see all the prizes, games, freebies and of course the booths!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Come By and check out the NEKKKKKKKED Dollies (now dressed)

Hey all we would love to have you all stop by Diana's blog Down Hidden Farmlane and vote on your favorite Doll. All these dolls started out as NEKKKKKKED Dollies made by one gal and then mailed to another gal who looked at the dollie...listened to her and dressed her.

Of course I have a Dollie and her Cat in the Poll and if you want to vote for her and her kitty that would be awesome.

Come on over and cast your vote...polls end soon

Challenges are so much fun to do. Follow Diana's blog and you can join our next challenge too!
thanks diana for such an inspiring and fun challenge
(Kitty will be a pattern soon)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Come check out my SassySoapsNSuch blog to win

Come by my SassySoapsNSuch blog to see how you can be the winner of one of my new soaps!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Autism Awarness Charity Auctions On eBay

This month Age*Before*Beauty eBay group is hosting a charity auction on eBay for Autism Not for Profits. Each of our members is listing items August 1-7 and can relist them the whole month long. They will be donating a % of each item sold to their choice of an Autism Charity Worldwide.

You can find the auctions by searching eBay AB4B Autism or clicking HERE There are all kinds of creations being listed from Autism Themed to Halloween and even Uncle SAM. I hear from the grapevine soon their will be tags and soaps and even a couple Christmas creations.

Here are a couple of the listings and there are a lot more to come.....
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Here is one from me, Always Crafty 2
Image Hosting by
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Now I have to share a short story with ya about this amazing dad I met on eBay He is not part of AB4B but he is someone who is now dear to my heart!
Here is a little about Richard and Sarah
"My name is Richard and my daughter Sarah has Autism. I'm a father on a mission. A mission to be a voice for our children. But I need your help. I am only one man, I only have one voice and my voice is not very loud. My wish is to have every Parent, Teacher, Family Member and Caregiver who knows someone with Autism to take a stand and be their voice.For me buttons have been a small but effective way of educating others about Autism. I think of them as personal bumper stickers. As a father with an Autistic child, I am dedicated to raising awareness. If you have an idea for a button please email me."
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Richard and Sarah have touched by heart and inspired me to step up and do more for Autism Awareness. I created Sarah her own personalized Autism Bunny and they returned the favor by sending me some of their magnets and buttons.
You can send them a product picture or logo and they can create them into buttons, magnets and more... Check out their shops for your advertising needs and more!
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Monday, June 29, 2009

$5.00 Monday on Etsy from ETC

Today only is $5.00 Monday from the Etsy Texas Crafters Team. Come over and check out the forum and see the listing of the shoppes involved.

You can find all the $5.00 listings under ALL ITEMS ETC5 in the search box under tags.

Sassy Soaps N Such is offering $5.00 epatterns, some of our dolls and computer pets

Come over and get some holiday shopping done now.